Friday, May 6, 2011

Beading Bracelets

I love beads, love jewelry, and the idea that I can make my own is a great delight.  The embroiderer's guild branch which I attend had a lady who was teaching us how to make a bracelet.
This technique is called a flat spiral, and although it looks rather complicated it is so easy!  This was the first time I had ever done anything like this and I was pleasantly surprised at how professional it looked.  There were a couple of mistakes during the making of this, but only because I put it down to go and look at the display of jewelry this lady had made, and when I got back to my seat, I just picked it up to carry on, not realizing that I had flipped it over.  You can see on the next photo why this would be a bit of a mess.

If you do what I did and flipped it mistakenly, the seed beads which lay on top of the crystal beads, would end up underneath.  So five minutes of undoing and then catching up on the correct side.  This is a really quick bracelet to make and uses #11 seed beads, 4mm crystals - those are the clear beads on the sides and 6mm crystals, those are the red beads in the middle. 
I enjoyed making this so much that I have just spent a load of cash on various beads and am trawling through hundreds of blogs learning different  techniques.  Somehow, the thought of doing normal embroidery has lost it's intrigue, all I want to do is bead - and play with tangles!


  1. lol turned out gorgeous.. does look complicated though...

  2. This is easy?! So pretty... I need to branch out and take some classes.